Nestin Coworking Space

NestIn is a NSRCEL (IIM Bangalore) incubated startup started by two IIM Bangalore alumni.

We at NestIn believe in building more from less. Whether it is your skills when you work for us or it is your neighborhood cafes, everything has a little extra unexplored potential. Our philosophy is that there are no silos in life, so why not transform the idea of cafes - from public coffee houses to social connection harbors!

NestIn aims to metamorphose your idea of chilling by introducing multi-purpose nests - be it sports events, corporate meetings, speed dating, or creating the perfect co-working environment, we enable it all right inside the cafe next to you.

Who doesn’t like a comfortable seat with fast internet in a cosy space, with food and drinks available as you like it? Such a place, not your home with high mortgages or your office that is forever dully starting you in the face. We all like change, and this is the place with zero commitment, a place that you can change as you like, when you want. Recovering all that lost attention at home, or the hours lost in traffic to office, you shall have an ideal space, close to your place, or your choice – That, you’ll call, your nest, aka, NestIn Spaces.

Whether you a book reader, or a freelance, or a photographer, a digital marketer, a blog owner, a content creator, a designer, a consultant, or a small start-up, or a big firm – we know that you dream. We share your passionate dreams and to nurture your dreams, we give you an experience which we believe would make you happier. It’s not a coworking space. To repeat, it’s your nest. The Space Next Door is just a part of the facilitation we shall provide you, stay tuned.